The Power of Swashbuckle: How Shortlist Decided What’s Important

Our Bombay team swashbuckling — changing the world should be fun

So where did these come from and what do they mean to us?

We followed a very deliberate process, and engaged in a series of open-ended brainstorms among our senior team, with the prompt, “What is important to us and what kind of company do we want to be?” Needless to say, a lot came up. We attempted, as a group, to give some form to the mush, organizing different ideas into thematic buckets and teasing out which ideas felt like personal preferences and which ideas felt core and embodied our aspirations for a durable cultural foundation.

Matt, Paul and Simon standing on the cliffs of Varkala, after our values brainstorm
Matt (in his adventure fedora) and Simon in the middle of values-drafting



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Paul Breloff

Paul Breloff

CEO at Shortlist ( Founder and former MD of Accion Venture Lab. On a mission to unlock professional potential.